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Membership, how professionals can increase confidence and save time.


The Professional package is designed for experts in the field of identifying insects, consulting or Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It's main function, to enhanced communication of bad bug recognition with clients. This is important because it gets the job done faster with less hassle. Now you have more time to focus on the stuff you do best!

  • Easily demonstrate your expertise.
  • Increase professional profile with better tools.
  • Make it easier to educate clients with less frustration.
  • Impress clients with professionalism and increased response time.
  • Save time so you can publish more.

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As a professional, we understand it's important for you to get the most out of your busy day. We help you do just that, with easy to use communication tools that save time.
Coolest Insects : Get automatic access to this collection as an extreme user. It includes the best scans of the most interesting specimen we have in the collection. It's a great marketing tool to impress your clients with.

Everyday Insects: The professionals also gets access to specimen within this collections. It is based on a family of insects and gives you even more insects to ooogle over.

All Our Insects: This collections is right up your alley and it contains, the good, the bad and the ugly! Everything we have ever scanned goes here. It may not be pretty, but it's comprehensive, perfect for the professional who needs access to as many specimen as possible.

Mail in Specimen: This feature enables you to send in a specimen to be scanned! We track, and email you when your bug has been successfully digitized. It's something you will definitely want to consider if you are researching a specific insect or demonstrating to stakeholders.

Did You Know?

Becoming a member helps us create more tools to save you time!

What do you get?

Ways to automate and educate new staff and students
Less shipping
Less time traveling
Less time waiting
More time writing and researching

What Do You Want?

Improved search
More insects scanned
More tools and apps

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