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This package is designed for educators who lecture or provide classroom instruction. It's main feature is to provide engaging content so students get it!

  • Get students excited and engaged learning all about bugs.
  • Make it really easy for them to visualize what you are teaching.
  • Get first hand knowledge of what students understand and what they don't.
  • Customize lesson plans for individual students.
  • Let accelerated students create interactive content and teach others.

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You'll be impressed with the results and effectiveness of our high definition 3D scans of bugs as a teaching tool. It really helps student visualize what you are teaching them so they understand and retain it!
Coolest Insects : Teachers will enjoy access to this collection, because it has the most interesting line up of insects. It is easy to navigate for young student because it is highly visual. Consider a lessons plan around which bugs look like what movie alien and why. Then look at different insects specific features and using creative thinking, make an alien race and figure out how this alien race might adapt themselves to an alien planet and it's surroundings. Kids will eat this up!

Everyday Insects: Teachers need access to this collection if they are interested in lesson plans involving a family of insects that are more commonly known. It gets students engaged in analytical thinking with discussions on identifying common features to a family of insects. It also gets students outside and involved in group activities, and collaboration.

All Our Insects: Teachers involved in teaching science or biology should consider up grading their package to include this collection. It contains everything we have ever scanned. It is the prefect companion for lessons around engineering, bio-mimicry, genetics, biology or entomology because the content is so highly diversified.

Mail in Specimen: This lets teachers get students super excited and super involved! You can send in your very own bug to be scanned! It's something you may consider designing a course around. Your students can really sink their teeth into the collecting, organizing and writing about a particular bug or invasive species. At the end, they can see all their hard work and efforts on-line and even tell their friend about it!

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